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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a wobbly chair
▪ As I stood up, I began to feel a little wobbly.
▪ Don't sit on that chair -- it's got a wobbly leg.
▪ The front wheels on the car seem wobbly.
▪ All that they did was make the room slightly wobbly.
▪ At Dance Energy, wobbly audience figures have prompted a remix.
▪ His stroke was wobbly and the ball was headed straight for the left lip.
▪ Miguel got up, all wobbly because of the rum.
▪ My inappropriate clothes, my rumpled yen, even the wobbly fusuma all seemed to signal how out of place I was.
▪ She still felt a bit wobbly on her legs and she knew too that she could do with a holiday.
▪ The plot may be a bit wobbly, but no more than O'Donnell's acting.
▪ The railing is wobbly, the space is so small that it is suitable only for one person.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1914, member of Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.). Probably some sort of elaboration of the W aspect of the acronym.


1849, wabbly; see wobble (v.) + -ly (1). Form with -o- is from 1851. Related: Wobbliness.


a. unsteady and tending to wobble n. 1 (context US labor union English) (alternative spelling of Wobbly English) 2 (context British slang English) A wobbler; a fit of rage.

  1. adj. inclined to shake as from weakness or defect; "a rickety table"; "a wobbly chair with shaky legs"; "the ladder felt a little wobbly"; "the bridge still stands though one of the arches is wonky" [syn: rickety, shaky, wonky]

  2. n. a member of the Industrial Workers of the World

Wobbly (musician)

Wobbly is the moniker of Jon Leidecker (born 1970) a San Francisco–based musician/composer of experimental electronic music.

Usage examples of "wobbly".

He took a few wobbly steps towards Falsh, Kameez still teetering alarmingly above him.

Indeed, the wobbly stairs seemed to amuse Krone, and with his large frame he shook them deliberately as he ascended, pounding his feet like a kid.

Not just your Wobblies, but the Neo-Nihilists, the Libertarians, the Luddites, the Gay Libbers, and all the rest.

Matt, who was patiently holding the door open for her, she stood looking up at the house for a moment as she waited for her wobbly legs to reaccustom themselves to solid ground.

Stephen said uncertainly because he thought he felt a strange kind of flesh of a different man approach him, sinewless and wobbly and all that.

Pemulis is slumped back against the wall with his hands over his stomach and is slumping all the way down the wall looking wobbly and pale.

His desk, unlike the others in the antrum, thrown together and wobbly, was an elaborate sectional apparatus with automatic drawers, a pop-up typewriter, modular shelving and a built-in pencil sharpener that operated on batteries.

Freaks, heads, criminals, anarchists, beatniks, poachers, Wobblies, bikers and Persons of Weird Persuasion will come out of their holes and vote for me.

Devil told his Chief Executive Officer, Punky Wilkenfeld, a large round man with bloodshot eyes and wobbly knees.

With its bedsheet stripes and wobbly Spirograph emblem it had been too personal, too tender for the street, Dylan understood that now.

When the qualm subsided, leaving her wobbly and clammy-fleshed, the carts had already passed from view.

He has showered but is still flushed, and his right eye gets wobbly in this certain way when two or three Tenuates are wearing off.

Lowell would go ahead and marry that red-haired hussy instead of dragging the girl around town from one wobbly barstool to the next.

Malink led them into the village, his bowlegged gait more wobbly than normal.

Serious straight-laced Wobblies expect the world of the future to be very serious and very efficient, but the easygoing ones look forward to a frivolous, bang-up time for everybody.