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WOA may refer to:

In computing
  • Web-oriented architecture, a computer systems architectural style
  • Windows RT, a computer operating system formerly known as Windows on ARM
In military conflicts
  • War of Attrition, a conflict between Israel and Egypt
  • War of aggression
In music
  • Wacken Open Air, the largest exclusively metal music festival in the world
  • War of Ages, metalcore band from Pennsylvania
  • W.O.A Records of India and Dubai
In sport
  • World Olympians Association
  • Wrestling Organization Anti-Society a wrestling promotion based in Cayey, Puerto Rico
  • Welsh Orienteering Association
  • Warranty of Agency
  • World Ocean Atlas
  • World of Art, a series of books on art
  • the ICAO airline designator for World Airways
  • World of Arch, a video game

Usage examples of "woa".

Particularly for a old woa who for many fine reasons had only that one child of her own.