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WLC or wlc may refer to:

  • White Lake City, a graffiti crew from Berlin Germany that pushed the limits in street bombing.
  • Live Mesh (formerly Windows Live Core), a data synchronization system for computing devices
  • Warrior Leader Course (now known as Basic Leader Course or BLC), a course of study for non-commissioned officers in the US Army
  • Weighted Least-Connection, a scheduling algorithm used by load balancing software such as Linux Virtual Server
  • West London College, an independent college of further and higher education
  • West Lothian Council, a Scottish local authority
  • Westminster Larger Catechism
  • Westminster Leningrad Codex, one of the oldest manuscripts of the complete Hebrew Bible
  • White Lined Chipboard, a paperboard grade
  • William Lane Craig, an American philosopher of religion and Christian apologist.
  • Windows Live Calendar, a time-management web application by Microsoft as part of its Windows Live services
  • Wireless LAN Controller, computer networking device
  • Wisconsin Lutheran College, a liberal arts college affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • Women's League of Chinland, an umbrella organization for groups concerned with the issues of Chin women
  • Woods Learning Center, an academic program in Casper, Wyoming
  • World Lacrosse Championship
  • World Logging Championship, a competition between foresters
  • World Lotto Corporation, an official European lottery site and platinum marketing partner of the International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation
  • Worm-like chain, a model in polymer physics
  • Comorian language, Mwali dialect