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n. 1 (plural of wit English) 2 (context pluralonly English) senses.


n. the basic human power of intelligent thought and perception; "he used his wits to get ahead"; "I was scared out of my wits"; "he still had all his marbles and was in full possession of a lively mind" [syn: marbles]


WITS or Wits may refer to:

  • WITS (AM), an AM radio station in Sebring, Florida
  • Water Industry Telemetry Standard, a communications protocol
  • Wellsite Information Transfer Specification, used by the petroleum industry
  • Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study, an orthodox Jewish yeshiva in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems, an academic conference on information systems
  • Bidvest Wits F.C., a South African football club
  • Herman Wits (1636–1708), Dutch theologian
  • University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • World Integrated Trade Solution, a trade database provided by the World Bank

WITS is a commercial radio station in Sebring, Florida, United States, broadcasting to the Sebring area on 1340 AM. WITS features Dial Global's adult standards format called America's Best Music, with an emphasis on vocalists such as Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra, and light pop such as Barry Manilow, Carpenters, Kenny Rogers, Celine Dion and Anne Murray. WITS is one of the more popular stations in the Sebring market, consistently placing among the top four stations in the market.

Usage examples of "wits".

Rousing myself up and gathering my wits together, I first took off the linen bandages, and I was astonished to find my wounds healed and quite free from pain.

I was dazzled by her beauty, but not being a rich man I felt that I must set my wits to work if I wanted to enjoy her.

He did not admire fine wits, good jests or criticism, because it easily turns to slander, and he would laugh at the folly of men reading newspapers which, in his opinion, always lied and constantly repeated the same things.

He had seduced his wife, or rather his mistress, who had been driven away by her husband, and after he had squandered everything she possessed, and he found himself at the end of his wits, he had tried to turn her prostitution to advantage.

All I had to do was to get some sulphur and tinder, and the procuring of these two articles set all my wits to work.

I dressed myself and went to see Esther, whom I had to convince of the divinity of my oracle, a different task with one whose own wits had told her so much concerning my methods.

Bastille, but the wits still persisted in being amusing, and there were some who considered a jest incomplete that was not followed by a prosecution.

After we had gazed for some time at the scene, which is almost peculiar to Naples, the duke took me to his private box and introduced me to his friends, who consisted of all the wits in the town.

A blow from my cudgel knocks the lantern out of his grasp, and the man, frightened out of his wits, takes to his heels.

At the end of the dialogue, which was carried on in the patois of Forli, the witch having received a silver ducat from my grandmother, opened a box, took me in her arms, placed me in the box and locked me in it, telling me not to be frightened--a piece of advice which would certainly have had the contrary effect, if I had had any wits about me, but I was stupefied.

It seemed to me, and I am still of the same opinion, that the decision of wearing the turban befits only a Christian despairing of himself and at the end of his wits, and fortunately I was lost not in that predicament.

The play amused me intensely, for I was persuaded that the approach of the angel would set his miserable wits a-reeling.

He was a beggar, devoid of money and wits, and I could not make out why he took with him a beauty who, unless she were over-kind, could add nothing to his means of living.

The duke, who had left me to the wits for a short time, returned and took me to the box of his mistress, who was accompanied by an old lady of respectable appearance.

I cannot imagine what had become of my wits to let myself be so beguiled, while every day I renewed the poison that she had poured into my veins.