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without consideration

adv. in an inconsiderate manner; "inconsiderately, he asked to be invited for dinner" [syn: inconsiderately] [ant: considerately]

Usage examples of "without consideration".

A promise to carry might be made and accepted on the understanding that it was mere matter of favor, without consideration, and not legally binding.

The count was so disconcerted by this long-foreseen inquiry that without consideration he gave the first reply that came into his head.

You don't suppose that a man of my years, and settled habits, proposes marriage without consideration, do you?

Even if I had been foolish and ignoble enough to pursue my desires and, without consideration for her husband, who was my friend, had tried to win her heart, I should have been ashamed to show anything but sympathy and consideration when faced by this sad, gentle woman, who was so completely wrapped up in her sorrow.

As furious at her reaction to his advances as she was at him for kissing her, she had lashed out at him without consideration of the possible consequences.