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with great care

adv. in a careful manner; "you must treat this plant just so" [syn: just so]

Usage examples of "with great care".

He was working with great care, turning and returning the glutinous mass on a marble slab.

With the President of the Council, the oldest living Master, went a large, heavy package which Aydem transported to his car with great care, little dreaming that the destiny of himself and Ayveh and countless millions of their unborn descendants lay within those careful wrappings.

They were riding into the rough country east of Red Fork, but what drew his greatest interest was the fact that, backtrailing them, he found they had scouted the opening of the Hole with great care.

The Company, Ball said, with great care, is absolutely free of responsibility.

Extracting a cigarette with great care, he put it between his lips, lit the end and blew the smoke from his nostrils.

Locking the Wilderness Warriors' door each night was Bonnie's responsibility, and she did it with great care, double-checking everything before she permitted herself to turn around and look at the sidewalk.

He has worked with great care to suborn the men who lead the Frankish auxiliaries in Syagrius&rsquo.

That the vampires of the world are a small number and live in terror of strife amongst themselves and choose their fledglings with great care, making certain that they respect the other vampires mightily.

Then, he placed his breakfast before him with great care, and said, “.

One spot she leaned in to look at with great care, a braided cord of blue and blue-white fires as thick as the wrist of her forepaw.

He moved slowly around it, back to the storm, oblivious to the wind and pelting rain, inspecting rocks with great care, touching first one, then another, until he found what he was looking for: a half dozen small, loose boulders, casually lying caught in a crack of the rock.

He paused rather diffidently, as if weighing his words with great care.