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n. (obsolete spelling of wisdom English)

Usage examples of "wisedome".

But I have such confidence in you and in your wisedome, by reason that you are come of so noble a line, and endowed with so profound sapience, and further instructed in so many holy and divine things, that you will faithfully keepe silence, and that whatsoever I shall reveale or declare unto you, you would close them within the bottome of your heart, and never discover the same : for I ensure you, the love that I beare unto you, enforceth mee to utter it.

Wherein his weaker wandring steps to guide,An auncient matrone she to her does call,Whose sober lookes her wisedome well descride:Her name was Mercie, well knowne ouer all,To be both gratious, and eke liberall:To whom the carefull charge of him she gaue,To lead aright, that he should neuer fallIn all his wayes through this wide worldes waue,That Mercy in the end his righteous soule might saue.

Among them was maister Rombus a schoolemaster of a village thereby, who being fully perswaded of his owne learned wisedome, came thither, with his authoritie to part their fray.

It followeth necessarily, when they that have the Goverment of Religion, shall come to have either the wisedome of those men, their sincerity, or their love suspected.