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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wis \Wis\, adv. [Aphetic form of iwis, ywis; or fr. Icel. viss certain. See Ywis.] Certainly; really; indeed. [Obs.] ``As wis God helpe me.''


Wis \Wis\, v. t. [Due to mistaking OE. iwis certain, AS. gewiss, for I wis. See Ywis.] To think; to suppose; to imagine; -- used chiefly in the first person sing. present tense, I wis. See the Note under Ywis. [Obs. or Poetic] ``Howe'er you wis.''
--R. Browning.

Nor do I know how long it is (For I have lain entranced, I wis).


Etymology 1

  1. 1 (context rare obsolete or dialectal English) certain 2 (context rare obsolete or dialectal English) sure adv. 1 (context rare obsolete or dialectal English) certainly, surely 2 (context rare obsolete or dialectal English) really, truly 3 (context rare obsolete or dialectal English) indeed Etymology 2


  2. 1 (context obsolete or archaic English) To know. 2 (context obsolete or archaic English) To think, suppose. 3 (context obsolete or archaic English) To imagine, ween; to deem.


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Usage examples of "wis".

Watson n that wis barry cos wi baith played guitar n hud the same name eh.

Thir wis nowt that we could dae except tae jist walk right through they school gates n acroass that tarmac playground at the front doors whaire that cunt wis standin lookin like fuckin Hitler.

Gentleman wis right tae dae what eh did, that cunt Blackie wis oot ay order.

Frank Wisner, his shirtsleeves rolled up, muttered in his inimitable southern drawl, and the officers within earshot, Ebby among them, laughed under their breaths.

Billy wis sayin thit eh once saw that scruff-boy fae Leith, that Spud Murphy, git huckled fir chorin handbags whin eh thoat nae cunt could see wi the smoke machine oan.

Ah used tae hate the cunt when ah wis first-year, but when ye git aulder eh hus mair ay a crack wi ye.

Aye, that wis your fault but, takin her tae that Manumission oan the last night, gittin her aw juiced up.

Zere I kneelet town, zanket ze Vater in Heaven for my safety, ant fall asleep wis a tranquil feeling.

Ah wis drivin past the Grange when ah saw this radge prowlin aroond the streets.

This wis supposed tae be what him gaun tae the boxin wi Billy wis aw aboot, tae stoap aw this, aw this sort ay nonsense.

Sad, but it wis yonks ago now, n eh wants tae try n screw the nut a bit.

To discourage him from lashing out at me, I hired a large and scarily violent felon by the name of Rudy Wismer to watch my back in the yard, at meals, and on the block, paying for his services with a supply of the X-rated Japanese comics that were his sexual candy.

What goat me wis thit naebody hud telt ays what aw this shite wi the dugs wis aboot.

Ah thoat it would be a killer, but thir wis so much gaun oan, so much other shite, ah scarcely noticed.

Aw ah thoat aboot wis sex when ah wis inside, but when ah goat oot, ah hud loads ay shite in ma heid cause ay that Gail cow and ah couldnae get it up.