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WIP or WiP may refer to:

  • Fraser – Winter Park (Amtrak station) (Amtrak code WIP), train station in Colorado, United States
  • Washington Ireland Program a development program with a Washington-Ireland exchange element
  • Western Independence Party of Manitoba, former Canadian provincial political party
  • Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan, active Canadian provincial political party
  • Western Independence Party, former Canadian federal political party
  • Women in prison film, an exploitation film genre that depicts imprisoned women who are subjected to rape and abuse
  • Work in process, work in progress, WIP, unfinished work
  • Warner Independent Pictures. WIP is the abrevation also used in the logo.

Usage examples of "wip".

So narrow was the window that the prize wedged crosswise, and before Wip could turn it around, Brune clamped both hands upon the metal box and tried to wrench it away.

There was a clatter from the cash box as Wip yanked it through the window, then a louder clang of steel as the killer reached the fire escape just beyond.

Wrenching the window open, Emmart sprang through and aimed for a huddled shape he thought was Wip, on the far side of the street.

Forgetting Wip Jandle, who had crumpled at the bottom of the fire escape with his precious box, the tricked marksmen dived for alleyways from which they had originally issued.

A dozen blocks away, Wip stumbled into a doorway, reached for a knob and found it.

Clutching the precious box, Wip crawled for a table and pulled the cord of a lamp.

Seeing those meager contents, Wip propped himself on one elbow and gave a rattly snarl.

He took it for granted that Cowder and Emmart had completed their trail and left with whatever loot Wip had taken.

But there was nothing to show that Wip had still been alive, when the early trailers overtook him.

Though he had no lead to Shep Ficklin, The Shadow knew that Wip unquestionably served some big-shot.

Finding Wip was at least a start toward tracking the real head of the gang that preyed on refugees like Elvor Brune.

For instance, Bert observed that Emmart had recorded the death of Wip Jandle in simple style.

Bert was of the opinion that friends of Wip Jandle must have picked up the trail from the hide-out.

If Wip had lived long enough to blab about Shep Ficklin, either Bert or Emmart could have pumped him by using such a term.

With my bandana I carefully wipped the dust from the action of my pistol, checking the roll of the cylinder.