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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Winy \Win"y\, a. Having the taste or qualities of wine; vinous; as, grapes of a winy taste.


a. Having the taste or qualities of wine.

  1. adj. having the taste of wine; "a rich winy taste" [syn: winey]

  2. [also: winiest, winier]


WINY (1350 AM) is a heritage radio station that transmits in AM stereo on 1350 kHz and is owned by Osbrey Broadcasting Company. It operates during the daytime with 5,000 watts of power, and at 79 watts nighttime. Its studios and transmitter are located in Putnam, Connecticut.

WINY first signed on the air on May 3, 1953 under the call letters WPCT. The station was financed by three French Canadian businessmen from Central Falls, Rhode Island: named Goyette, Albert Lanthier, and Rene Cote. The station was managed by Daniel Hyland with an original announcing staff of Dick Alarie, Ed Read, and Frank Carroll.

The call letters were changed to WINY in September 1960 when the station was purchased by the Herbert C. Rice family and the Winny Broadcasting Company. The call letters were changed to represent the station's new mascot, "Winny, The Community Gal," who was a counterpart to the mascot at sister station WILI, "Willie, The Community Man." The family combined the operations of the two stations into Nutmeg Broadcasting Company, which would go on to own a total of five radio stations throughout Connecticut, including WNTY Southington, WLIS Old Saybrook and WILI-FM Willimantic.

WINY changed hands in 1990 to the Gerardi Broadcasting Corporation, and once more in 2001 to the current owners, the Osbrey Broadcasting Company.

WINY produces its own programming between 06:00-18:00. Programming from 18:00-6:00 is provided by Dial Global.

In addition to its original programming, WINY is also a member station of the Boston Red Sox Radio Network, the New England Patriots Radio Network, and the Motor Racing Network.

Usage examples of "winy".

She became aware that the oppressive atmosphere had a cloying, winy sweetness.

His eyes had acquired a slight glaze and his winy breath gave Sandy a momentary high.

He began to walk along it, heading east, breathing the winy air and enjoying the morning sun.

The tea was hot and aromatic, there were delicious little sandwiches of cucumber and of caviare, and winy cakes.

But his image of Avicenna was ten years old and full of big, sunny rooms and flowery, winy, rickety houses where all his friends lived.

One winy, plate-sized bolete crouched in a hollow among some aspens, a triple frill of tanpleurotus fringed a half-rotted cottonwood stump, half a dozen white domes of acjaricuspoked through dried pine needles in a clump, gills as pink as flamingo feathers.