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n. (plural of win English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: win)


WINS may refer to:

  • WINS (AM), an all-news radio station in New York City
  • World Institute for Nuclear Security
  • Windows Internet Name Service
  • a web server solution stack built from Windows Server, Internet Information Services, .NET, and SQL Server
  • Wireless Integrated Network Sensors
  • SM&A, stock ticker symbol WINS
  • Off-course betting facilities operated by Japan Racing Association

WINS ( 1010 kHz), known on-air as "10-10 Wins", is a radio station in New York City, owned by CBS Radio. WINS's studios are in the combined CBS Radio facility in the Hudson Square area of Manhattan, and transmitting towers in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

WINS is the oldest all-news radio station in the United States, broadcasting in that format continuously since 1965.

WINS can be heard in the HD Radio format on both its own frequency and at WNEW-FM's HD-3 feed.

Usage examples of "wins".

If he loses tomorrow he will not only be a ruined man, but be sentenced to penal servitude, while if he wins, Torriano should be sent to the galleys, together with his counsel, who has deserved this fate many times before.

If a man has fallen in love with a sweet, enchanting face, and succeeds in lifting the veil of the sanctuary only to find deformities there, still the face wins the day, atones for all, and the sacrifice is consummated.

I hope Caesar wins his battle, he thought as the House came to order, because at least Caesar will be willing to rebuild our own Curia Hostilia.

He remains one of five men to record more than 200 wins as a head coach.

He never wins it by relying wholly on the efforts of others to assure his survival.

If she can ensure that her son is one of the fortunate few males who wins most of the copulations in the society when he grows up, she will have an enormous number of grandchildren.

Which of these two tendencies wins in particular societies depends on details of cultural circumstance, just as in different animal species it depends on ecological details.

To be non-envious means to be quite happy if the other player wins just as much money as you do, so long as you both thereby win more from the banker.

He still wins too often for my comfort and each day I fear the men will flush him out in his use of relocation.

Many environmentalists acknowledge that nobody wins if Big Sugar bails out of Florida.

A skier who thinks too much might make points in conversation, but he seldom wins races.

If he wins in November, he will finally be free to do whatever he wants.

All Cuff has to do -- in return for this sinecure -- is make sure Oliver wins the three or four fishing tournaments he finds time to enter each year.

Succeed or fail, stay or go, the Consilliarii wins as long as conflict with the Reithrese is not heightened.