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Winn -- U.S. Parish in Louisiana
Population (2000): 16894
Housing Units (2000): 7502
Land area (2000): 950.485547 sq. miles (2461.746162 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 6.429185 sq. miles (16.651512 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 956.914732 sq. miles (2478.397674 sq. km)
Located within: Louisiana (LA), FIPS 22
Location: 31.948313 N, 92.636501 W
Winn, LA
Winn Parish
Winn Parish, LA

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Usage examples of "winn".

You take my horse and go to Madison in the interests of the contract, while Bim and I will take your skiff and start down the river in the interests of Winn and the raft.

To Winn it seemed as though nothing could be more perfect or inviting, and he longed for the time when it should be his temporary home.

In spite of this little scene, Winn Caspar was not an ill-tempered boy.

Major Caspar decided to take Winn with him on his raft voyage down the Mississippi.

It is very hard to realize, though, that my little Winn is sixteen years old and almost a man.

As Winn rose to his feet and cast a lingering glance at the wonderful beauty of the water, he noticed a familiar black object floating amid its splendor of crimsons and gold.

Thus thinking, Winn ran around the mill and sprang aboard the raft that lay just below it.

But Winn Caspar was not inclined to give up anything he had once undertaken.

When Winn at length returned to the raft he was wet, tired, and hungry, though very proud of his accomplished task.

To while away the few minutes that he intended remaining on the raft, Winn got one of the books of exploration from a shelf in the little after-room, and was quickly buried in the heart of an African forest.

By this chain of thought Winn was again reminded of Elta, and of the forgiveness he had meant to secure from her that evening.

Although Winn slept too soundly to be disturbed by either wind or rain, the storm awoke Major Caspar, who listened for some time to this announcement that the hour for setting forth on his long-projected journey was at hand.

This permission was sufficient, and the active girl bounded away full of glee at the prospect of a battle with the storm, and of surprising Winn on the raft.

I can go into it just now, with this affair of Winn and the raft on my hands.

I believe your companionship with Winn on this river trip, and your example, will be infinitely better for him than mine.