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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1927, originally hobo slang, "counterfeit seizures induced to attract sympathy;" meaning "energetic celebration" first recorded 1949.


alt. 1 A fit or spasm. 2 A party. n. 1 A fit or spasm. 2 A party.

Usage examples of "wingding".

Prairie had her suspicions too, just from the way Frenesi was filming him, initially at a night wingding that was supposed to be a general policy meeting.

Army Post Office San Francisco Pamela, my love, Remember the Air Corps general who slugged down a bottle of vodka and danced at your Moscow wingding for the ballet people?

He or she will also be free to pig out at campaign fund-raising wingdings that are paid for by lobbyists.

I remember how hot her cheeks and forehead always were after she threw one of her dust bunny wingdings, and how sometimes she'd wet my nightie right through with her tears.

Cowlings cavorting at a porno-industry wingding militates against Oj.