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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

German form of William (q.v.). Fem. form is Wilhelmina. Wilhelmine (adj.) is "pertaining to the reign of Wilhelm II," emperor of Germany 1888-1918. Berlin's Wilhelmstrasse was the pre-1945 headquarters of the German foreign office, hence used metonymically for "German foreign policy" (compare Quai d'Orsay).

Wilhelm (crater)

Wilhelm is a lunar crater in the southern part of the Moon, to the west of the prominent Tycho. Portions of the ray material from Tycho lie across the rim and floor of Wilhelm. Attached to its southern rim is the crater Montanari, while Lagalla is attached to the southwest. To the north-northeast is Heinsius.

This crater is of the type traditionally termed a walled plain. It has a heavily eroded outer rim that is overlain by several smaller craters. Among these are Wilhelm A and Wilhelm K across the southwest rim, and Wilhelm B just to the northwest along the western rim. Wilhelm C intrudes into the north-northeast rim, and Wilhelm D is attached to the northeast outer rim. There is an outward protrusion in the southern rim that extends to contact Montanari.

The interior floor of Wilhelm is relatively level, with a rougher area to the northeast. The remainder is flat and almost featureless except for a few tiny craterlets.


Wilhelm may refer to:

Wilhelm (name)
For the similar Dutch name Wilhelmus, see Wilhelmus (disambiguation)

Wilhelm is a German given name, and the origin of the English name William. The feminine form is Wilhelmine.

Usage examples of "wilhelm".

Muriel was chatting to Wilhelm Stem before a tall mirror over an empty fireplace at the far end of the room, and an elegant couple they made, she in a slim floor-length gown that shimmered silver, cut high from shoulder to shoulder, with long tight sleeves, her hair once again held to one side but this time by a decorative comb, while he wore a dark evening suit, white handkerchief, probably silk, peeping from his breast pocket, his tie a deep grey worn against a white shirt.

This bitterness against Wilhelm and yes, against us is utterly pointless.

Muriel and Cissie were staring at Wilhelm Stern, shocked by his words.

We hoped the bus tour, the brainchild of Susan Thomases and David Wilhelm, would keep the excitement and momentum of the convention going.

  The embarrassed and disappointed Von Rundstedt was so upset by the arrival of the younger Rommel—he referred to him as the “Marschall Bubi” (roughly, the “Marshal Laddie”)--that he asked Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, Chief of OKW, if Rommel was being considered as his successor.

I'm not sure yet, but I think Wilhelm will base most of his program on the theories of the cameralists, who've been the rising new reform movement here in Germany for quite some time.

After some years, their father, Duke Wilhelm V, concluded that her childlessness was the result of some spell that witches and heretics, and possibly also Jews, had cast upon his oldest son's wife.

Talena and Crenelle took turns tutoring them, and on occasion Wilhelm did also.

Why would men of science, like Dylan McCaffrey and Wilhelm Hoffritz, associate with a purveyor of bat shit and bunkum?

The sound of feet thudded up the stairs to the front balcony, and soon a head that was completely shaved and a face with friendly hazel eyes and an enormous Kaiser Wilhelm mustache peered through the window in the Dutch door.

The four letters are simply the four beats in Wilhelm Reich's formula: muscular tension electrical charge electrical discharge muscular relaxation.

It showed Leutnant Freiherr Hans-Peter von Wachtstein and Leutnant Wilhelm Johannes Griiner, both wearing black leather flight jackets, onto which were pinned second lieutenant's insignia and Iron Crosses.

Major Freiherr Hans-Peter von Wachtstein and Hauptmann Wilhelm Johannes Griiner were no longer at the table where Boltitz had left them.

He arranged a marriage between Maria and Wilhelm Frick to lure the brilliant industrial designer away from the Krupp Industries.

On that day, at an age when most monarchs might have been thinking of handing over their rule to a successor and retiring from the cares of state, the seventy-three-year-old Wilhelm proclaimed himself no longer merely King of Prussia but Emperor of the new German Empire.