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Wiig is a surname of Norwegian origin (a variant of Vik), and may refer to:

  • Alf Wiig (1891–1974), a Norwegian minister and bishop
  • Andreas Wiig (born 1981), Norwegian professional snowboarder
  • Arne Wiig (born 1964), Swedish priest, poet, author, playwright
  • Aud Marit Wiig (born 1953), Norwegian diplomat.
  • Kristen Wiig (born 1973), American actress and comedian
  • Marit Wiig (born 1949), Norwegian civil servant and organizational leader
  • Martin Wiig (born 1983), Norwegian football striker
  • Olaf Wiig (born 1975), New Zealand cameraman who was kidnapped by Palestinian gunmen
  • Steven Wiig (born 1972), American musician and actor