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Wigley is the name of several places in the United Kingdom:

  • Wigley, Derbyshire
  • Wigley, Hampshire
  • Wigley, Shropshire
  • Wigley Cross, Dorset

Wigley is also a surname in the English language. Among those with this surname may be listed:

  • Bob Wigley, English businessman
  • Dafydd Wigley, Baron Wigley (1943– ), born David Wigley, a Welsh politician
  • George J. Wigley (1825-1866), English journalist and supporter of Catholic causes
  • Sir Henry Wigley (1913–1980), New Zealand pilot, adventurer and tourism entrepreneur
  • Jane Wigley (1820–1883), British photographer
  • Rodolph Wigley (1881–1946), New Zealand tourism pioneer, father of Sir Henry Wigley
  • Steve Wigley (born 1961), English (soccer) football coach and former player
  • Thomas Henry Wigley (1825–1895), South Australian farmer then New Zealand politician, father of Rodolph Wigley
  • Tom Wigley, a climate scientist at the University of Adelaide
  • William Wigley (1826–1890), South Australian yachtsman, mayor and politician