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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wigless \Wig"less\, a. Having or wearing no wig.


a. Without a wig.


adj. not wearing a wig [ant: wigged]

Usage examples of "wigless".

Instantly the door opened, and the last remaining volume in the House of the Golden Mercury was claimed by a big-nosed, wigless, white-haired gentleman.

He was wigless, and wore his grey-streaked black hair long and swept back, revealing a pale, bony forehead.

He swept off his hat, with its long peak and earflaps, and was revealed as a florid man of about thirty, wigless and with abundant black hair that curled down over his ears.

I crossed Portland Place, walked down Hallam Street and entered, wigless and without gown, the building in which the top medics, playing, for a while, the parts of judges, decide the fate of their fellow quacks.

Flies clambered over the peeled and wigless skulls of the dead and flies walked on their shrunken eyeballs.