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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wigg \Wigg\, Wig \Wig\, n. [Cf. D. wegge a sort of bread, G. weck, orig., a wedge-shaped loaf or cake. See Wedge.] A kind of raised seedcake. ``Wiggs and ale.''


n. A kind of raised seedcake.


Wigg may refer to:

  • Wigg (surname)
  • Vöggr or Wigg, man in Scandinavian legend notable for giving Hrólfr Kraki (Hroðulf in Beowulf) his cognomen kraki, and for avenging his death
  • WIGG (AM), defunct radio station (1420 AM) in Wiggins, Mississippi, United States
  • Friedrich Heinrich Wiggers also known as F. H. Wigg, German botanist

WIGG (1420 AM) was an American radio station licensed to serve Wiggins, the county seat of Stone County, Mississippi. The station, established in 1968, was last owned by Community Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Before falling silent in February 2010, WIGG broadcast an Americana/ Roots music radio format.

Wigg (surname)

Wigg is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Edgar Wigg, South Australian surgeon
  • Charles Mayes Wigg, English artist
  • Edgar Smith Wigg, South Australian stationer, founder E. S. Wigg and Son
  • George Wigg, Baron Wigg, British politician
  • Olaf Wigg, see 2006 Fox journalists kidnapping
  • Ron Wigg, English footballer
  • Simon Wigg, speedway, grasstrack and Longtrack rider
  • Montagu John Stone-Wigg, bishop

Usage examples of "wigg".

And Wigg had gone on to other things, leaving Ragnar in his tortured, addicted, half-transformed state.

She had been born in Parthalon, before Wigg, Geldon, Shailiha, Morganna, and Tristan had finally returned to Eutracia.

Very soon Wigg and Faegan would want to begin training him in the craft of magic.

Thanks to the constant ministrations of Faegan and Wigg, the Shailiha he had known and loved was continuing to return a little more each day.

Somehow it had stuck, despite the expected, vociferous protests from Wigg that one of the royal house should not be called by such abbreviations.

Their plans were designed for Wigg and the two of us to survive if anything happened.

How could he explain to her what Wigg had told him on that fateful day?

Tristan smiled inside, knowing that Wigg would let it grow back out of respect for his dead friends, the deceased wizards of the Directorate.

The elder of the wizards sat quietly, thinking to himself, and Tristan was reminded that unlike Wigg, who was used to being in the Redoubt, Faegan was still overwhelmed by the place and what it represented.

Narrowing his eyes, Wigg stared intently at the consul, and an azure glow began to surround the stricken man.

He would never forget the jeweled band of slavery he had worn for over three hundred years, until Wigg had removed it after the fall of the sorceresses.

Fearing that the horses would be stolen from the palace stables above ground, Wigg and Faegan had converted a small part of the Redoubt to underground stables, and the horses were now boarded there full time, along with the tack and feed.

No one, as far as they knew, was aware that the prince and Wigg had returned to Eutracia.

As far as Wigg was concerned, it only made the entire situation more ridiculous: Faegan looked more like some bizarre vendor at a Eutracian province fair than the most powerful wizard in the world.

Leaving Wigg alone in his distress, he resumed soaring about the massive room in his chair.