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Wien (disambiguation)

Wien is the German language name for Vienna, the city and federal state in Austria.

  • Wien (river), in Vienna, Austria
  • Theater an der Wien, a theater in Vienna located at the former river Wien

Wien may also refer to:

  • Wien Air Alaska, American airline 1927–1985
  • Wien International Scholarship, a scholarship instituted by Brandeis University
  • Wien bridge oscillator, a type of electronic oscillator
  • Wien's displacement law, law of physics
Wien (river)

The Wien is a river that flows through the city of Vienna.

Usage examples of "wien".

Hij mocht zich dan graag voordoen als een joviale cowboy, Yarbrough was een ervaren man van negenenvijftig, een gedegen en competente leider achter wiens losse omgangsvormen een uiterst nauwkeurig oog voor detail schuilging.

Nicolaas wiens tabbaard bepaald afzakte en reeds een halve el over zijn voeten golfde, terwijl een blonde reep tusschen zijn grijze lokken en zijn mijter zichtbaar was.

Alethea and Sarre went for a walk after tea, leaving Wien and to entertain her grandmother, and Alethea asked how the children were.

And Alethea had to agree with him when Wien and and Irene arrived the following evening.

Wien and, Irene, just as Alethea knows that she has no reason to worry about me.

Alwin Schultz, Deutsches Leben im XIV und XV Jahrhundert, grosse Ausgabe, Wien, 1892, pp. 67 seq.

It only causes pain and anger, as Hux and Wien and many others are angry.

I do not understand why Hux and Wien are always angry at Linkeree, for he does not make them hungry, and he does not make them cold.

Wien was more angry than others because Hux is his friend more than any other man.

The one good thing that came from _Shadow_ rearing its confusing head in Wien was that I met a lot of important people who, again assuming I'd been the moving force behind the play, began to give me writing assignments as soon as they heard I wanted to settle down there.