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Wiebe (surname)

Wiebe is a German surname, sometimes misspelled Weibe. The 'b' comes from the German ' ß' (double 's'). The family name Wiebe is allegedly meant to signify whiteness, as in "white woman" or "white man", depending upon which gender is being referred to. It is said that the Wiebe surname has been adjusted to reflect many variations in the United States. This is mainly because of its close association to Old Germany, and Adolf Hitler.

Alternatively Wiebe is a Germanic surname with its origin in Holland. It is from a short form of any various Germanic personal names beginning with wig, "battle", "war". There are no non-Dutch Wiebe surnames in Karl Stumpp's work which seems unlikely if the top explanation were viable.

Wiebe (given name)

Wiebe is a masculine given name, and may refer to:

  • Wiebe Bijker (born 1951), Dutch professor
  • Wiebe Draijer (born 1965), Dutch engineer
  • Wiebe van der Vliet (born 1970), Dutch film editor

However, in one of two occasions, Wiebe is used as a given name for females:

  • Wiebe Berëza (born 1967), German artist

Wiebe may refer to:

  • Wiebe (given name), a masculine given name
  • Wiebe (surname), a surname