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  1. adj. extending far; "beyond the misty gray of the rain he saw the stretching hutment"; "wide-spreading plains" [syn: stretching(a)]

  2. spreading over a wide area; "under the spreading chestnut tree"; "the spreading circle of lamplight"; "wide-spreading branches" [syn: spreading]

Usage examples of "wide-spreading".

The evil was so wide-spreading, so violent and immedicable, that no care, no prevention could be judged superfluous, which even added a chance to our escape.

Once in the garden, there was, as in most old garden walls, a corner where certain displaced bricks would afford a sufficient footing, aided by the wide-spreading branches of the great westeria, and the tough shoots of clinging ivy.

We lunched under the wide-spreading branches of these gnarled and twisted trees, which reminded us of the patriarchal olives in the Garden of Gethsemane, and then, ascending over the monotonous paramo, we stood at the elevation of 15,000 feet on the narrow summit of the Guamani ridge.

He moved her hand, making her aware of his needs, and he saw the wide-spreading confusion come back in her face.

Mooring Masts and Interchange Turrets had to reach so high that an impracticably wide-spreading base would have been necessary to support the weight, were they entirely made from iron.

They crossed one sandy ridge and came into a deep patch of tall green ferns growing in the shadows of wide-spreading elms.