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n. (eye dialect of widow English)


Widder or Widders is a surname, and may refer to:

  • David Widder
  • Dean Widders
  • Edith Widder
  • Frederick Widder
  • Nathan Widder

Usage examples of "widder".

She was tired, this little sister of his who had hung on to the gate and cried when he went away to war, and cried again when he returned to find her working all the daylight hours tatting lace for Widder Leggett so she would have a little food and a cold pallet to sleep upon.

That would be Widder Koil, who made artificial flowers with paper and fabric.

Yet here was Kelson listening to a proposal to invade the forbidden section as if Widders was doing no more than suggesting a stroll down a Galwadi street.

But if young Widders had been on Allpeace, how had he gotten into the Blue on Arzor?

Storm was not in the least surprised to see that Kelson's companion was Widders, who, in his finicky civ dress, looked even more out place in the comfortable but rather rough-hewn main chamber.

A father in search of his missing son-yes, that could be a talking point, which normally would gain Widders native guides, mounts, maybe even the use of some of the hidden water sources.

For a second or so it seemed that Widders would hold stubbornly to his determination to make one of the party.

At last Kelson and Widders bedded down for the day heat before flying back to Galwadi to set up the supply lift.

Why Kelson had allowed Widders to commit this might-be-fatal mistake Hosteen could not understand.

Nor was the Terran too amazed to see Widders himself descend the folding ladder from the flyer's cockpit.

He roused at that peremptory hail from the bunk Widders had chosen some hours earlier.

Both Gorgol and Kavok were awake, their attention switching from Widders to the Terran and back again.

And again Hosteen understood that he might, with some expenditure of force, remove the civ from this camp, but he could not give the order to raise the 'copter and fly Widders back to the river lands.

He could not leave Widders on his own here to cross the natives and perhaps provide the very reason for the trouble Quade and Kelson were laboring to avoid, that Logan had risked his life to stop.

Now how had Widders managed to have such an installation released to him?