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alt. (context informal or dialectal English) with prep. (context informal or dialectal English) with


WID may stand for:

  • WebSphere Integration Developer
  • " What I've Done", a Linkin Park's song in their third studio album Minutes to Midnight
  • Windows Interface Device, a thin client device (more often known as a Windows Based Terminal, or WBT), generally using Citrix ICA or Remote Desktop Protocol to display a Windows desktop served up by a Citrix server.
  • Windows Internal Database
  • Women in Defense
  • Women in Development
  • Warehouse Identifier, a Surrogate key in a Data warehouse
  • Wide Imaginal Discs, an organ/tissue of a fruit fly, usually referenced in biology research papers.

Usage examples of "wid".

Whin Dennis seen him, begob, he kivered his face wid his hands and turned on the breast av him, and roared wid fright like a bull.

I took up my hatchet dat I had in de bote, whar I split liteard wid and hit him on de head.

If you wish you can imprison me immediately, but I shall say nodding more - nor have any-ding furder to do wid de Eard government.

Anyway, by dat time all de new fly brushes wuz made and de Missus, she hab fans make from de short feathers for de white fokes to fan de air wid on hot days.

Whilst it was hot, de cooks would set de bucket of dinner on his haid and tell him to run to de field wid it fore it got cold.

Dem Klux wud cotch er nigger dat dey want en pin he haid down ter de groun wid er forked stick en one wud hold him whilst de others whip im wid er strop er a lash.

Lord, Miss Hatchel been so good to me dat I stay on dere wid her 8 years after freedom come.

Den yuh rake uh heap uv ash togedder en lay yuh hoecake on dat en kiver it up wid some more ash.

It was jus' a log house, but Marster had all dem cracks chinked tight wid red mud, and he even had one of dem franklin-back chimblies built to keep our little cabin nice and warm.

Greene County and I was jus' a little fellow when slavery was done over wid.

Day was de hardest day of de whole year, for de overseer jus' tried hisself to see how hard he could drive de Niggers dat day, and when de wuk was all done de day ended off wid a big pot of cornfield peas and hog jowl to eat for luck.

Us chaps played all de time wid white chillun jus' lak dey had all been Niggers.

She was tired, this little sister of his who had hung on to the gate and cried when he went away to war, and cried again when he returned to find her working all the daylight hours tatting lace for Widder Leggett so she would have a little food and a cold pallet to sleep upon.

Man, yo see how black I is en kinky dat my hair is en yo can see dat me en sister Mattie is sho pure niggers wid no brown in us.

Dey wus atter dem niggers whut dey claim is mean en zerted dey marsters en went en tuk up wid de Yankees.