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a. (obsolete spelling of white English)

Whyte (surname)

Whyte is a surname and an older English spelling of White, and may refer to:

  • Alain Whyte, an English guitarist, singer, and songwriter
  • Alexander Whyte, was a Scottish divine. He was born at Kirriemuir in Forfarshire in Scotland
  • Arthur Mornington Whyte (1921–2014), South Australian politician
  • Sir Alexander Frederick Whyte, (1883–1970) British politician
  • Alison Whyte, a Tasmanian-born Australian actress
  • Angela Whyte, Canadian athlete
  • Archie Whyte, Scottish footballer
  • Chris Whyte, English footballer (Leeds United AFC)
  • Christopher Whyte, Scottish writer
  • Craig Whyte, Scottish businessman (Rangers FC)
  • David Whyte, English footballer
  • Derek Whyte, Scottish footballer (Celtic FC, Middlesbrough FC, Aberdeen FC and Partick Thistle FC)
  • Edna Gardner Whyte (1902–1992) American aviator
  • Frederick Methvan Whyte, a USA mechanical engineer of Dutch background, inventor of the Whyte notation for steam locomotives
  • George Whyte-Melville, Scottish novelist of the sporting-field and a poet
  • Greg Whyte, author of Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots and So, You Want To Be A Helicopter Pilot
  • Heather Stewart-Whyte (born 25 September 1968), a British model
  • Hugh Whyte (1955–2009), Scottish footballer (Dunfermline Athletic FC)
  • Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte, known for his pioneering work on probabilistic methods for robotics
  • Ian Whyte (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Ibubeleye Whyte, Nigerian footballer
  • Jack Whyte, a Scottish-Canadian novelist of historical fiction
  • James Whyte (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jamie Whyte, New Zealand political party leader
  • Jim Whyte (footballer), Scottish footballer
  • Joe Whyte, American actor
  • John Whyte (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Kathleen Whyte (1909–1996), Scottish embroiderer and teacher of textile arts
  • Kenneth Whyte, a Canadian newspaper and magazine editor
  • Lancelot Law Whyte, a Scottish financier and industrial engineer
  • Malcolm Whyte, American author, editor, publisher, and founder of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco
  • Pat Whyte, West Indian cricket umpire
  • Peter and Catharine Whyte, Canadian/American painters and philanthropists
  • Ron Whyte (1941–1989), was an American playwright, critic, and disability-rights activist
  • Ronald M. Whyte, United States federal judge
  • Rosemarie Whyte, Jamaican athlete
  • Rowland Whyte, Elizabethan English letter writer.
  • Scott Whyte, an American actor who is best known for his role on City Guys
  • Sean Whyte (ice hockey), Canadian hockey player
  • Sean Whyte (Canadian football), Canadian football player
  • Steven Whyte, English sculptor
  • Thomas Whyte (academic), 16th century Oxford academic
  • William Whyte (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Zack Whyte, American jazz bandleader

Whyte may refer to:

  • Whyte (surname), a family name
  • Whyte, West Virginia
  • Whyte Chemicals, a manufacturer and distributor
  • Whyte notation for steam locomotives

Usage examples of "whyte".

Where Corn-well presents many competing views of the best destiny of Britain, Whyte rarely wavers in his exhaltation of Roman order over any other social structure of the time.

Whyte looked alternately at Tupelo and at the glass object on the desk.

During the week that followed, Tupelo participated in four more formal conferences with Kelvin Whyte and certain city officials.

Cornwell and Whyte rationalize the appearances of magic in their stories, and provide mundane sources for the stories that have become our Arthurian legends, Attanasio places his retelling in a context rife with actual sorcery, living gods, angels, demons, elves, dwarves, and an intricate mytho-cosmology that encompasses the history of creation.

Hence the Gray Lensman had no trouble at all, either in learning everything the fellow knew, or, upon leaving him, in implanting within his mind the knowledge that Sybly Whyte was now exactly the type of worker desired.

On the night we received the coveted plaque from a grateful Community Council and a City Council Citation from a local politician, I remembered the night Whyte and I came face to face with a deranged man who had just fired two rounds into a crowd of youngsters on a street that ran through the heart of a public housing development.

In 1539, Whyting was accused of treason, sentenced to death by Cromwell and hanged on Glastonbury Tor.

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