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Merlin was, which whylome did excel All living wightes in might of magicke spell: Both shield, and sword, and armour all he wrought For this young Prince, when first to armes he fell.

He them encountred, a confused rout,Foreby the Riuer, that whylome was hightThe auncient Abus, where with courage stoutHe them defeated in victorious fight,And chaste so fiercely after fearfull flight,That forst their Chieftaine, for his safeties sake,(Their Chieftaine Humber named was aright)Vnto the mightie streame him to betake,Where he an end of battell, and of life did make.

For whylome he had bene a doughty Knight,As any one, that liued in his daies,And proued oft in many perillous fight,Of which he grace and glory wonne alwaies,And in all battels bore away the baies.

Then tooke the Amazon this noble knight,Left to her will by his owne wilfull blame,And caused him to be disarmed quight,Of all the ornaments of knightly name,With which whylome he gotten had great fame:In stead whereof she made him to be dightIn womans weedes, that is to manhood shame,And put before his lap a napron white,In stead of Curiets and bases fit for fight.

Long they thus trauelled in friendly wise,Through countries waste, and eke well edifyde,Seeking aduentures hard, to exerciseTheir puissance, whylome full dernely tryde:At length they came into a forrest wyde,Whose hideous horror and sad trembling soundFull griesly seem'd: therein they long did ryde,Yet tract of liuing creatures none they found,Saue Beares, Lions, & Buls, which romed them around.