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conj. (obsolete spelling of while English)

Usage examples of "whyle".

Whylest thus she in these hellish dens remayned,Wrapped in wretched cares and hearts vnrest,It so befell (as Fortune had ordayned)That he, which was their Capitaine profest,And had the chiefe commaund of all the rest,One day as he did all his prisoners vew,With lustfull eyes, beheld that louely guest,Faire Pastorella, whose sad mournefull hewLike the faire Morning clad in misty fog did shew.

There on a day as he pursew'd the chace,He chaunst to spy a sort of shepheard groomes,Playing on pypes, and caroling apace,The whyles their beasts there in the budded broomesBeside them fed, and nipt the tender bloomes:For other worldly wealth they cared nought.