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WHUT may refer to:

  • WHUT-TV, a Washington, D.C. TV station owned and operated by Howard University.
  • Wuhan University of Technology in the People's Republic of China.

Usage examples of "whut".

Enyhow, thishere stranger awn whut lookted like a Kuhmbuhluhn hoss rid up aside of him and basted him with one them iron clubs the Kuhmbuhluhn mens fights with lots of times.

All whut he need fer de niggers en he own fambly, lak cotton, wheat, barley, rice en plenty hogs en cows.

Den de horn wud blow en de niggers all cum in en git dey supper, en cook dey ash cakes in de fire whut dey build in dey own cabins.

Marster wus good ter all he niggers, dar wus heap er de marsters in dem slabery times whut wus mean, en dat whut mek de niggers run off en hide in de woods, en dats when dey git de nigger hounds on em en track em down jes lak ye do er coon.

Dey wus atter dem niggers whut dey claim is mean en zerted dey marsters en went en tuk up wid de Yankees.

I kin tell yo sum er dem old songs whut de niggers used ter sing in de slabery times.

Oviedo fuh de last longest and here Ah is, but Ah wisht Ah knowed whut he flew hot over.

Steevens whos a collectah ob odd tings specially if deya jonahs o jinxes hes done got his greedy eyes on de scroll of some po actah man whut went craizy and tinked his skoll was ham and eggs and lef it to somebody, and one of Mist Steevens naybors done finly git to own it.

Mattie, er way bak dere in Souf Alabama, down below Montgomery, in de hills, en on de big place whut our ole marster, William Green, had, en whar de tanyard wuz.

I jes' jumped ovuh an' grabbed me thet ol' spear whut thet bastard had jest done pullted outen ol' Harry, an' I jerkted it an' he hung awnta it and I pulled him raht awfen his boss an' his hardhat come awf when he hit the groun' an' he let go thet ol' spear too.

Aw crivens, this is whut happens when things get sloppy an’ bogles take over.

Ah wants somebody ter feed me good vittles reg’lar, and tell me whut ter do an’ whut not ter do, an’ look affer me w’en Ah gits sick.

But — I surmise — from de appearance of dis t'roat, de mouf which maim me on de laig was de same mouf whut completely ruin dis rat!