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vb. (context US dialect English) (alternative form of whoop lang=en nodot=1) (qualifier: to whip, thrash, or defeat).

Usage examples of "whup".

You ended up getting whupped by a girl, stripped naked, and strung to a flagpole.

But that runaway I took away from a more shameless cuss after I'd whupped him fair and square wound up out to the Arvada Orphan Asylum, supervised and chaperoned more than most young gals her age.

I don' done nuthin' Massa Tom -- but she git Hector to whup me, en oh I's hurtin', hurtin' suthin' awful, massa.

If they had been genuine riders of the purple sage instead of computer-networking specialists or real-estate salesmen, one of them might have whupped his ass just as a matter of principle.

The slugs scooped splinters off the launch, or made whupping noises in the water.

He heard the engine cut and there was just the chirping and whupping sound of the free-turning rotor winding down.