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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Whot \Whot\, a. Hot. [Obs.]


a. (obsolete form of hot English)

Usage examples of "whot".

But when as earthly wight they present saw,Glistring in armes and battailous aray,From their whot worke they did themselues withdrawTo wonder at the sight: for till that day,They neuer creature saw, that came that way.

  Dainjerous bcoz whot u r basikly tryin 2 do as a tellir in such a sircumstanse is try 2 fit yoor hoomin size mind inside a bird size 1.

  Ive always liked him & Ive always luked up 2 him evir sins he woz 1 ov thi peepil they sent me 2 when they reelized I tolkd farely normil but I thot a bit funy, + I tend 2 do whot he sez - it woz him sed Perhaps u wood make a good tellir, & him whot sujjestid I keep a jurnil, witch this is whot u r readin - but this time I doan mutch care whot he finks, or @ least I do but I doan mutch care how bad it makes me feel goan agenst his advice bcoz I juss no I ½ 2 do this.

  It woz sumfin that had 2 preserv hoomin form evin in its monstrisness or it coodin funkshin, or mayb bcoz it mite ½ let thi birdz c whot it woz reely like, which givin that birdz doan much like hoomins in thi furst place, is sayin sumfin.

That cursed man, that cruell feend of hell,Furor, oh Furor hath me thus bedight:His deadly wounds within my liuers swell,And his whot fire burnes in mine entrails bright,Kindled through his infernall brond of spight,Sith late with him I batteil vaine would boste.

  Its hazy whyt clowd out thare like a lair ov fog whot extends 2 thi horyzon.

U ½ 2 b abil 2 use whotevir is aroun u, & thass whot it reely cums doun 2.

Eftsoones all burning with a fresh desire,Of fell reuenge, in their malicious moodThey from them selues gan turne their furious ire,And cruell blades yet steeming with whot bloud,Against those two let driue, as they were wood:Who wondring much at that so sodaine fit,Yet nought dismayd, them stoutly well withstood.

The third view, that Yueh acted out of love, albeit a desperate and perhaps raisguid ed passion, is based on suggestions found in the Journal ofNayla 9 One can see in Yueh as in Nayla a profound personal tension between conflicting imperatives To obey his Imperial Conditioning he should be loyal to mat person whot.

To then Hed blizzard, Unsene Universety, Greatings, I hop you ar well, I am sending to you won Escarrina Smith, shee bath thee maekings of wizzardery but whot may be ferther dun wyth hyr I knowe not slice is a gode worker and clene about hyr person allso skilled in diuerse arts of thee howse, I will send Monies wyth hyr May you liv longe and ende youre days in pese, And oblije, Esmerelder Weatherwaxe (Mss/ wytch.

  I no u doan hold wif thi kript & ol & fink its ol a dreem nway, but iss not that simpl, & whot I saw I saw, & I nevir seen nor herd ov nuffink like that fing like a flaid hed & makin that orribl noise.

  U r evin a bit fritind about wakin up eny moar in case thers sum sorta unplesint surprise in stoar, but then u fink, wel, Im never goan no whots goan on unless I do wake up, & so u do.