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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Whoso \Who"so\, pron. Whosoever. -- Piers Plowman.

Whoso shrinks or falters now, . . . Brand the craven on his brow!


pron. (context archaic English) whosoever, whatever person

Usage examples of "whoso".

As if to lingering winds they did belong, Poured forth her inmost soul: a passionate speech With wild and thrilling pauses woven among, Which whoso heard was mute, for it could teach To rapture like her own all listening hearts to reach.

Of devils and saints and all such gear, He made tales which whoso heard or read Would laugh till he were almost dead.

It is an acute comparison, happily indicative of the morose angularity that words offer to whoso handles them, admirably insistent on the chief of the incommodities imposed upon the writer, the necessity, at all times and at all costs, to mean something.

The realm where speech holds sway is a narrow shoal or reef, shaken, contorted, and upheaved by volcanic action, beaten upon, bounded, and invaded by the ocean of silence: whoso would be lord of the earth must first tame the fire and the sea.

Eke Plato saith, whoso that can him read, The wordes must be cousin to the deed.

And whoso will my judgement withsay, Shall pay for all we spenden by the way.

As ever may I drinke wine or ale, Whoso is rebel to my judgement, Shall pay for all that by the way is spent.

For in the starres, clearer than is glass, Is written, God wot, whoso could it read, The death of every man withoute dread.

Glose whoso will, and say both up and down, That they were made for the purgatioun Of urine, and of other thinges smale, And eke to know a female from a male: And for none other cause?

And he had wenches at his retinue, That whether that Sir Robert or Sir Hugh, Or Jack, or Ralph, or whoso that it were That lay by them, they told it in his ear.

For whoso from this world would us bereave, So God me save, Thomas, by your leave, He would bereave out of this world the sun For who can teach and worken as we conne?

For whoso maketh God his adversary, As for to work any thing in contrary Of his will, certes never shall he thrive, Though that he multiply term of his live.

Of their array: whoso list heare more, I shall rehearse so as I can a lite.

For whoso shall so many a story tell, Say shortly, or he shall too longe dwell.

And again do I beseech Thee, by these most beauteous names, by these most noble and sublime attributes, and by Thy most Exalted Remembrance, and by Thy pure and spotless Beauty, and by Thy hidden Light in the most hidden pavilion, and by Thy Name, cloaked with the garment of affliction every morn and eve, to protect the bearer of this blessed Tablet, and whoso reciteth it, and whoso cometh upon it, and whoso passeth around the house wherein it is.