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n. (plural of who English)


WHOS (800 AM, "The Big Talker") is a radio station licensed to serve Decatur, Alabama, USA. The station is currently owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. and the broadcast license is held by Capstar TX Limited Partnership. WHOS is one of five stations in the Huntsville, Alabama, market owned by iHeartMedia, Inc.. The station is also simulcast on WBHP at 1230 AM in Huntsville, a 106.5 FM broadcast translator in Huntsville, and on WQRV-HD2 (HD Radio).

Usage examples of "whos".

Steevens whos a collectah ob odd tings specially if deya jonahs o jinxes hes done got his greedy eyes on de scroll of some po actah man whut went craizy and tinked his skoll was ham and eggs and lef it to somebody, and one of Mist Steevens naybors done finly git to own it.

Black Douglas muttered in Signora Strega-Borgias ear, What dyou call a lawyer whos been chained, gagged and dropped in concrete overshoes into the sea?

Its as soirst friendbrotherand mouth, a Tory face,40ours under the 228 RuIo the street I c Cit ectad whos Its sy fa altnly, is holiduplewcaar againsthis greornerhad undperfe stobekendlenceservedith my pwish peoloh of tnerhao fou sig up Wh r toucdiscreetlyme id She wes with hsereetoma.

O bussh unbrent, brennynge in Moyses sighte, That ravysedest doun fro the deitee Thurgh thyn humblesse, the goost that in thalighte, Of whos vertu, whan he thyn herte lighte, Conceyved was the Fadres sapience, Help me to telle it in thy reverence.

She sette hir doun on knees, and thus she sayde, "Immortal God, that savedest Susanne Fro false blame, and thou, merciful Mayde, Marie I meene, doghter to Seynte Anne, Bifore whos child angeles synge Osanne, If I be giltlees of this felonye, My socour be, for ellis shal I dye.

Whos to say you dont have your oat bran muffin and decaf at the pine table in the kitchen?

All hed been about, she said, was bedding his latest fancy girl, and that was the bold little bitch whos maidservant to the old woman who lives next to the miller, by the pool.

It was like the Whos down in Who-ville being happy to see the Grinch before he’d reformed his wicked ways.

He gets me to tell him about this movie guy I know, Sid Kabikoff, whos interested in seeing this loan shark named Sal DOnofrio, whos gonna shoot him up to Momo for a Pension Fund loan.

A word of advice then-next time, before you go rearranging your best friends orthodonture, ask yourself if a girl you wont remember a year from now is worth permanently pissing off someone whos been your best friend since the first grade.

And by the way, I saw a man today whos as good a role player as you are.

Youre shacking up with a guy whos some kind of male version of a bimboright down to the blond hair and gold nose rings?