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contraction 1 (context informal English) who had. 2 (context informal English) who would.

Usage examples of "who'd".

Besides, when he'd been under pressure to replace his cousin as commander of the army, it had been Colonel Ko-Dan who'd spoken up for the general.

The man who'd given the order strode to him, one hand still holding up his pants, and kicked the man powerfully in the buttocks, dislodging him.

The cows who'd begun to follow down the trail at a safe distance stared at Dennis with brown, nervous eyes.

He didn't want to send a reporter who'd spend his time there in an air-conditioned, safe-area headquarters.

All of them were watching him, every striker who'd served in C41 since Major Arthur Farrell was appointed to command.

And twice smelled urine and excrement somewhere nearby, beneath some evergreen, some koorsa tree whose top had been homesteaded by a burly, twenty-pound stinkpig who'd spent days or even weeks there feeding on buds, needles, and inner bark, relieving itself repeatedly onto the snow beneath.

But he was also conspicuously strong—a freedman who'd followed the harvests for several years.

Carlos, who'd grown up bilingual, was back at Hasty already, using a Spanish accent as part of his disguise.

In the cave's dim light she could even now pass for the pink-cheeked, strawberry blond of fifteen who'd married Earl Wildulf of Sandrakkan twenty years before.

The smith who'd hammered out the Founder's Sword for King Hale must have seen the real thing somewhere to copy the style and dimensions so accurately.