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a. Close to white in colour. n. (alternative spelling of whitey English)

Whity (film)

Whity is a 1971 German Western film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Shot in Spain, it was entered into the 21st Berlin International Film Festival. It was never distributed theatrically, but was eventually released on DVD.

Usage examples of "whity".

C is Wos' former aquaintance from crewing with slopes on the North shore for Whity Sorkin in the days of his youth.

External surface, pale greyish brown to dark brown, nearly smooth, more or less scaly and roughened, with numerous warts or lenticels, the scales soft with sometimes a brownish-black fungus on them, inner side whity brown and longitudinally striate.

The slacks slid down and pooled at Dave's feet, leaving Dave standing there in his tighty whities.

They get what they want and then next thing they got their tighty whities in their pocket and they're out the door.

Paddy’s, he watched a red-faced FDNY bagpiper struggling to hold down a plaid skirt over his tighty whities in the frigid wind.