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I show a Verizon account for one Alison Whitt, W-HI-T-T, billed to what looks like a Hollywood POB.

Also, it was possible Whitt had taken a number under a different name or was sharing a phone billed to another party.

Pollard knew she had to tell him about Alison Whitt and find out more about Maria Juarez.

He had pretended to listen as Pollard filled him in about Alison Whitt, but mostly he thought about Richie.

If Whitt told her contact officer about Anton Marchenko, then the cops might have known about the Hollywood Sign.

We catch a break with these reports or with Whitt being an informant, and everything will come together.

She half suspected that at least one of the summaries would reference Alison Whitt, the Hollywood Sign, or the Mayan Grille, but the reports provided nothing except a list of people who were personally known to Marchenko and Parsons.

She closed her phone and brooded about it as she drove home, her thoughts swinging between her disappointment that Alison Whitt had lied about being an informant and her surprise that Mrs.

Pollard believed Alison Whitt was now the telling key and would still likely connect everything to Random.

She stepped through the front door, her irritation about Alison Whitt now being replaced by her dread at the inevitable phone call to her mother.

Alison Whitt did not ensure a conviction, so they were making arrangements to see if Mrs.

Cecil had learned of Whitt while investigating the involvement of a onetime singer turned B-level movie star who was suspected of bankrolling a gang of South Central dealers in their dope importation business.

Cecil stated in her registration document that Whitt provided regular and accurate information that aided the prosecution.

Except for Bob Whitt and Emitt Brown, both friends of mine who could cuss in better Spanish than I, I never saw a white person walking the dirt roads of our neighborhood.

Bob Whitt looked like a young Jimmy Stewart and acted like my father all those years we ran around looking for snatch.