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Somehow or other, through guile or flattery or bullying, Whiss would get what he wanted.

Once ensconced behind the lectern, Whiss surveyed the audience at length, preternatural tiger-eyes shifting slowly from face to face, sliding easily over some, elsewhere pausing long and significantly, to the indescribable discomfort of assorted victims.

On the floor at his feet, where he had let it fall, lay the latest issue of The Compeer, whose lead article announced the Constitutional Congress's designation of Whiss Valeur as acting Protector of the Republic.

And all the cherished magical power of Chorl Valeur might not have sufficed to save his son's neck, had Whiss not wisely chosen that moment to depart Neuss.

The fear seemed all at once to have drained from Chorl into Whiss, who now stood white, tense and crazily resolved.

Smiling, Whiss surveyed the great room, atmosphere still fogged with crimson, lingering remnant of the crowd's fury, visible to himself and Chorl alone.

There were even guns among them with no locks at all that were fired by jamming a cigarillo against the vent in the barrel, sending the gunstones from the riverbed with which they were loaded whissing through the air on flights of their own eccentric selec­tion like the paths of meteorites.