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n. (plural of whir English)

Usage examples of "whirs".

The camera motor whirs as the editor circles her, taking shots seemingly at random.

And all the time the camera motor whirs intermittently, as though a bee is trying to escape.

There was something in the familiar sounds and sensations—delicate whirs, the vague sensation of motion—that conveyed the impression they were headed somewhere.

He could smell the antiseptics and hear the slight whirs and gurgles in the equipment.

Now she sat sucking quietly while all around her in the dark the chirps and whirs resumed, and with them the tiny tillings and killings.

Geordi La Forge reported from the helm, his voice rising above the electronic whirs, beeps, and chirps that signified that all systems were operating at full efficiency.

The low rumble of the engines and the beeps and whirs of the controls proved a tonic for his nerves, and he let out his breath with a sigh, starting to relax again.

Suddenly the Mission Module—drifting through space with its ticks and whirs and smells of food and stale farts—seemed like a little home to her, impossibly fragile, the only island of warmth and light in all that dark night.