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n. a device incorporating spinning, wind-driven propellers or pinwheels, used as whimsical outdoor decoration in a garden or on a porch

Whirlygig (album)

Whirlygig is the first studio album by The Lovemongers.

The Lovemongers were a side project of singer-songwriting-musicians, and sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson, better known as the frontwomen of the rock band Heart. They formed The Lovemongers with Sue Ennis and Frank Cox, and released Whirlygig in 1997 on Will Records. It contained all original material, with no outside writers.

Steve Huey of AllMusic gave the record 4 stars of 5, and he said that it "will likely appeal to fans of both Heart's earlier and later material."

Usage examples of "whirlygig".

But compared with some of the other worlds, Whirlygig seemed like vacation-land.

All scientific surveys on Whirlygig had been completed many years earlier, but the dome facilities should still be in working order.

There were no free volatiles on Whirlygig, but the surface temperature at polar midwinter would be cold enough to liquefy methane.

At the same time he had the feeling that the horizon of Whirlygig was retreating steadily from him, becoming farther and farther away.

I was in bad trouble myself on Whirlygig once, over three hundred years ago.

Given their experiences after they left Whirlygig, the briefings from the Immortals had been boring rather than thrilling.

His own shoes, last seen when he donned a suit before leaving for Whirlygig, were on his feet.

When he had been absolutely certain of unavoidable death on Whirlygig he had been able to face it staunchly, with a complete calm.

Suddenly it was as though he were back on Whirlygig, experiencing that familiar and disquieting fall into blackness.

They whispered for a long time, of Pentecost, Planetfest, and Whirlygig, and of the accident to Peron that had plunged them across light-years and centuries.

After that event Whirlygig was left spinning madly on its axis, completing a full rotation in only seventy-three minutes.

It was one thing to sit and discuss the problem on the Inter-System ship with the other contestants, and quite another to be racing in toward Whirlygig on a tangential trajectory.

His velocity was just right for a stable orbit about Whirlygig at surface level.