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n. (plural of whip English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: whip)


WHIPS, or Whiplash Protection System, is a system to protect against automotive whiplash injuries introduced by Volvo in 1998. It was launched when the Volvo S80 was released for the 1999 model year and has since been part of the standard equipment of all new Volvo cars.

Usage examples of "whips".

When they discovered the mark, worn by a girl masquerading as one of their own lofty station, a woman free, would they not in fury, with whips, drive me stripped, begging for mercy, weeping, to the waiting shackles of the men?

On my hands and knees, miserable, in the hot sand, the rope on my neck, I looked about the training pit, at the rack of whips and ropes, the sleen tethers, the cages, the wooden barrier about the training area, and then, on my hands and knees, made my way through the sand and out of the training area toward the hut of Thurnus, the rope dragging behind me.

Doubtless they, like many of the other slaves, were within the holding, preparing, under whips, the feast for their masters.

In the quarries and on the galleys the chains are heavy and the whips are swift.

Similarly it was not one of those parties in which a given number of slaves must dance within a circle of free men, of equal number, with whips, stripping themselves to the strokes of the whips and then dancing towards the men.

The whips cracked again, to her side, smacking loud against the wood like a hand to the flesh.

Although he whips by virtue of his office, he is sometimes maddened, and beats for pleasure.

Purple Closet, housing a collection of whips, goads, ticklers, chains and manacles of solid gold, encrusted with diamonds and emeralds.

The salt burn would come later, when the gray crystals of sea salt that the Bull Hands soaked into their whips worked their way into the wound.

He did not like whips, or the men who wielded them, and the dread beat hard in his chest.

Slavers and slave hunters were everywhere, with their whips and chains and purses full of coin.

If the goatmen had been carrying man whips instead of the shorter, finer stock whips they could have stopped him.

Something about the way they had gathered in a half-circle to watch him, their lips splitting in ugly leers, their fingers stroking the tails of their whips, shifted the anger in him.

Men were quiet now, backing off into the dim smoky recesses of the tavern, their whips flaccid by their sides.

Then, with their whips, they drove us to a set of large blocks of quarried granite, weighing perhaps a ton apiece, from the sides of which protruded heavy iron rings.