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n. (plural of whin English)

Usage examples of "whins".

After the fifth hole, the course turns to the west, moving inland and up to higher moorland dominated by yellow whins, trees, and views out to the empty lands, the mountains.

The farm, when reached, was found overgrown with whins and brushwood, and covered in many places with great stones and rocks.

After about two years' labours it exhibited an altogether different appearance, and in place of whins and stones there were to be seen heavy crops of barley and turnips.

The wind went shrieking across a plain of whins and stiff grass, here and there a leafless tree, everything gray under hurried moonlight and unmercifully sharp stars.

The yard was overgrown with grass and whins, through which crumbling headstones could be seen to ring the ruinous outline of the church.

Beyond this it was destitute of trees, and wound among bogs and pools, separated by dwarfed bushes, whins, and heather.