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n. (plural of whim English)

Usage examples of "whims".

A man who abandons himself to his whims and fancies is like a child playing with a billiard cue.

I got to Modena the evening after I left Bologna, and I stopped there, with one of those sudden whims to which I have always been subject.

After five and a half years of watching a gang of fascist thugs treating the White House and the whole machinery of the federal government like a conquered empire to be used like the spoils of war for any purpose that served either the needs or whims of the victors, the prospect of some harmless, half-bright jock like Gerry Ford running a cautious, caretaker-style government for two or even six years was almost a welcome relief.

I find some very strange beliefs among the women I meet with, and I want to be able to silence them when they attempt to proselyte me to their whims and fancies.

Lurida was full of suggestions, plans, projects, which were too liable to run into whims before she knew where they were tending.

He learned very early the arts of surviving in a place where children born visibly mutant were put outside the gates once they were weaned and left to the whims of weather and the hunger of predators.

Yet after watching Bulkezu do as he willed, giving his whims and frenzies full rein, Hanna could admire a person who had the fortitude and discipline to hold herself in, check.

I serve Shavla, not the whims of violent men - whatever faction they belong to.