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a. (alternative form of whilom English) adv. (alternative form of whilom English) conj. (alternative form of whilom English)

Usage examples of "whilome".

Her ioyous presence and sweet companyIn full content he there did long enioy,Ne wicked enuie, ne vile gealosyHis deare delights were able to annoy:Yet swimming in that sea of blisfull ioy,He nought forgot, how he whilome had sworne,In case he could that monstrous beast destroy,Vnto his Farie Queene backe to returne:The which he shortly did, and Vna left to mourne.

And all about, the glistring walles were hongWith warlike spoiles, and with victorious prayes,Of mighty Conquerours and Captaines strong,Which were whilome captiued in their dayesTo cruell loue, and wrought their owne decayes:Their swerds & speres were broke, & hauberques rent.

And sooth, men say that he was not the sonneOf mortall Syre, or other liuing wight,But wondrously begotten, and begonneBy false illusion of a guilefull Spright,On a faire Ladie Nonne, that whilome hightMatilda, daughter to Pubidius,Who was the Lord of Mathrauall by right,And coosen vnto king Ambrosius:Whence he indued was with skill so maruellous.

Then came those sixe sad brethren, like forlorne,That whilome were (as antique fathers tell)Sixe valiant Knights, of one faire Nymphe yborne,Which did in noble deedes of armes excell,And wonned there, where now Yorke people dwell.