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n. A quick motion; a rapid, quiet movement, usually by small game. vb. To move nimbly and with little noise, usually of small game.


WHID (88.1 FM) is a radio station licensed to Green Bay. The station is part of Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), and airs WPR's "Ideas Network", consisting of news and talk programming. WHID also broadcasts local news and programming from studios in the Instructional Services building at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, along with sister News & Classical Network station WPNE (89.3). WSHS (91.7) retransmits the WHID signal during non-school hours in the Sheboygan area.

WHID originates Hmong language programming on Saturday evenings from their Green Bay studios for the Hmong American community in northeast Wisconsin.

  • See also Wisconsin Public Radio

Usage examples of "whid".

He sends for me every now and then, just to crack a whid over old times.

Mysterious forms whidded among the trees, as fluid as the shadows of birds in flight, flickering palely when sunlight dappled them.

I remember when my biggest problem with them was when they began whidding in the sandbox.

I could admire her as I might admire a perfectly proportioned bronze statue of any subjectwoman or wolf, or whidding horsebut a bronze lacking the ineffable quality that fires passions in the heart.