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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wher \Wher\, Where \Where\, pron. & conj. [See Whether.] Whether. [Sometimes written whe'r.] [Obs.]
--Piers Plowman.

Men must enquire (this is mine assent), Wher she be wise or sober or dronkelewe.

WHER (defunct)

WHER (1430 kHz AM) was the first "All-Girl" radio station when it went on the air in October 1955. Staffed almost exclusively by women (including broadcasting pioneer Vida Jane Butler), the station spawned a series of imitators, but later evolved into a mixed-gender staff rechristened WWEE.

The radio station was the brainchild of Sam Phillips, who used a portion of the $35,000 he made from the sale of Elvis Presley's recording contract to RCA Records to finance the station. A portion of the balance of the funding came from Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Wilson, who also provided the station's first home, in a part of the third Holiday Inn ever built.

As of 2008, the 1430 kHz frequency is occupied by WOWW, a country music station.


Wher or WHER could refer to:

  • Wher, a dragon-like creature in the fantasy series Dragonriders of Pern
  • WHER (defunct), a defunct radio station (1430 AM) in Memphis, Tennessee, United States
  • WLAU, a radio station (99.3 FM) licensed to Heidelberg, Mississippi, United States, as WHER from 1999 to 2012

Usage examples of "wher".

Vol, and by my hoep and secreat intilligence these were thayr entire flete that was nowe al sonken and putt to distruccioun by mee, and trewly hit was a paltry werk and light, so few they were agaynst my foarce agaynst them, I dyd comme alande att the place hyghte Grunda by the northe perte of the frith wher the watere owt of Breakingdal falleth into the se.

June 15th, abowt 5 of the clok cam the Polonian Prince Lord Albert Lasky down from Bissham, where he had lodged the night before, being returned from Oxford whither he had gon of purpose to see the universityes, wher he was very honorably used and enterteyned.

Ossywattermy had varis failins, one of which was a idee that he cood conker Virginny with a few duzzen loonatics which he had pickt up sumwhares, mercy only nose wher.

Valerian gan faste unto hire swere That for no cas, ne thyng that myghte be, He sholde nevere mo biwreyen here, And thanne at erst to hym thus seyde she, "I have an Aungel which that loveth me, That with greet love, wher so I wake or sleepe, Is redy ay my body for to kepe.

But he ne koude arryven in no coost Wher as he myghte fynde in this mateere Two creatures accordynge in feere.

For which, wher as his peple therbifore Hadde loved hym wel, the sclaundre of his diffame Made hem, that they hym hatede therfore.

I nam no divinistre, Of soules fynde I nat in this registre, Ne me ne list thilke opinions to telle Of hem, though that they writen wher they dwelle.

Annoyin part of it was, had faithful Fulvia, following the wiening courses of this world, turned her back on her ways to gon on uphills upon search of louvers, brunette men of Earalend, Chief North Paw and Chief Goes in Black Water and Chief Brown Pool and Chief Night Cloud by the Deeps, or again had Fluvia, amber whitch she was, left her chivily crookcrook crocus bed at the bare suggestions of some prolling bywaymen from Moabit who could have abused of her, the foxrogues, there might accrue advantage to ask wher in pellmell her deceivers sinned.

No whers, watchwhers, or wherries have been affected though individuals of all those species had contact with the feline at Igen Sea Hold or Keroon Beasthold.

Herdbeasts within range stampeded wildly and fowls, wherries and whers went into witless hysterics.