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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Alho etal reported that both gestational age and birth weight were independently associated with wheezy bronchitis.
▪ Chit-chat makes do until the wheezy chime of five o'clock, whereupon you stand up.
▪ Harrison charged that the ex-sailors were too old and wheezy to climb the steep hill up to the Observatory.
▪ He is capable of avuncular charm, wheezy laughter and mischievous wit as well as grizzly ferocity and stick-in-the-mud reactionary attitudes and walking-stick-in-the-hand swashbuckling.
▪ In the brief lulls, my ears strained to catch the sound of the pigeon's soft, wheezy breathing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wheezy \Wheez"y\, a. Breathing with difficulty and with a wheeze; wheezing. Used also figuratively.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1818, from wheeze + -y (2). Related: Wheezily; wheeziness.


a. That wheezes.

  1. adj. having a tone of a reed instrument [syn: reedy]

  2. relating to breathing with a whistling sound [syn: asthmatic, wheezing]

Usage examples of "wheezy".

No sound was to be heard in the little cottage except the ticking of the wheezy clock, as Dyce kept her solitary vigil by the side of the man she loved.

Ekkedme cried in the trade tongue, forcing the words through his spiracles in a wheezy Embe accent.

There were smiles among the directors when they looked at Twingle, and his wheezy voice fitted his absurd appearance.

When Hobgood hesitated, Sheff nudged him with the revolver muzzle, whereupon the inventor began to talk in a wheezy undertone.

Everything went against the lad: he came home perfumed from the stables, whither he had been to pay his dog Towzer a visit--and whence he was going to take his friend out for an airing, when he met Miss Crawley and her wheezy Blenheim spaniel, which Towzer would have eaten up had not the Blenheim fled squealing to the protection of Miss Briggs, while the atrocious master of the bull-dog stood laughing at the horrible persecution.

Beneath it, on the other side and almost surrounding it, is a cleft in the cliff like an immense corridor which serves as a harbor, and along it the little Italian and Sardinian fishing boats come by a circuitous route between precipitous cliffs as far as the first houses, and every two weeks the old, wheezy steamer which makes the trip to Ajaccio.

There was a small piano in this room, a clattery, wheezy, asthmatic thing, certainly the very worst miscarriage in the way of a piano that the world has seen.

Wade made a face that might have been made by pioneers crossing the continent, dropping a piano off the Conestoga wagon onto the wheezy Oklahoma dirt a burden relieved.

Across from her in a sidewalk cafe a man was playing a wheezy bandoneon, a bald man with a white mustache, bags under his eyes, round cheeks, red nose.

Across from her in a sidewalk café a man was playing a wheezy bandoneon, a bald man with a white mustache, bags under his eyes, round cheeks, red nose.

None of them had that pale look anymore, none of them looked wheezy, and like Billy, the kids who'd been carrying baby fat had swapped it for lean, fit muscle.

I do know there were times when a workout made her wheezy and kind of short of breath, but she had one of those inhalers and it seemed to help.

There was a pervasive and shameful rumor circulating along with the pennies that Wheezy was opening the money boxes late at night and exchanging her pennies for quarters, nickels, and dimes.

I take no interest in creeping round dim and chilly churches behind wheezy old men, and reading epitaphs.

Why, that boy was the puniest, scrawniest, sickliest little runt that ever drew a wheezy breath.