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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wheen \Wheen\, n. [Cf. AS. hw[=e]ne, hw[=ae]ne, a little, somewhat, hw[=o]n little, few.] A quantity; a goodly number. [Scot.] ``A wheen other dogs.''
--Sir W. Scott.


n. 1 (context UK dialectal English) A little; a small number. 2 (context UK dialectal Scotland Northern Ireland English) A quantity; a goodly number.


Wheen is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arthur Wesley Wheen (1897-1971), Australian war hero,
  • Francis Wheen (born 1957), British journalist, writer and broadcaster
  • Natalie Wheen (born 1947), English classical music radio presenter

Usage examples of "wheen".

The two scientists in charge of project CFD, Professor Drew Cocker and Professor Lindy Wheen, were waiting for their benefactor as he was wheeled into the central chamber of the complex.

In the Merse, which is my country-side, they stick the kitchen-midden up against the dining-room window, and their notion of a pleasance is a wheen grosart bushes and gillyflowers sore scarted by hens.

He would talk about nothing else last night coming home--said it was a sin and a shame that such a fine lad should be kept from his rights by a wheen blue-spectacled dominies.

Wilma stood with her hand on my shoulder as I signed and gave me a big kiss wheen was over.

I bocht what was in it, a wheen auld siller coins and some muckle flaigons.

Mustve been flooring it - theres wheens of metal filings in the engine ile .

She's daft about that long, false, fleeching beggar of a father of hers, and red-mad about the Gregara, and proscribed names, and King James, and a wheen blethers.