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n. 1 (plural of wheel English) 2 (context by meronymy English) An automobile or other vehicle 3 (context bodybuilding slang English) Well-developed thigh muscles. vb. (en-third-person singular of: wheel)


n. forces that provide energy and direction; "the wheels of government began to turn"

Wheels (novel)

Wheels (1971) is a novel by Arthur Hailey, concerning the automobile industry and the day-to-day pressures involved in its operation.

The plot lines follow many of the topical issues of the day, including race relations, corporate politics, and business ethics. The auto company of the novel is a little-disguised Ford Motor Company and some of the characters are recognizable to company insiders.

WHEELS (California)

WHEELS is a bus service that provides public transportation in the Tri-Valley Region (southeast Alameda County) of the San Francisco Bay Area, in the United States. Started in 1986, Wheels offers service to various communities in three cities, and connects to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) trains for connections to and from the greater Bay Area ( Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose) and Central Valley ( Stockton, Modesto, Tracy).

Wheels is operated by the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), and it has carried nearly 2 million passengers annually.

Wheels (magazine)

Wheels is an Australian automotive magazine published monthly by Bauer Media Group. The publication is well-renowned by Australian car enthusiasts. Its main competitor within the Australian market is Motor, though Wheels and Motor are stablemates in the Bauer Media Group catalogue and are aimed at slightly different readers as Motor concentrates on performance cars. Wheels magazine is Australian only and can be found at stores such as newsagents.

Wheels (operating system)

Wheels is a defunct operating system for the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 home computers partially based on and an upgrade from (plus generally backwards compatible with) GEOS. Wheels gave new abilities to the C64 and 128: the ability to open several, movable, resizeable windows on the desktop and limited graphical web browsing (and limited server abilities.) At the core of the Wheels OS was the new Dashboard and Toolbox. The Dashboard was the name for the new desktop environment which made using the C64/128 similar to using modern Mac or Windows operating systems with icons and a menu bar. The Toolbox was the replacement for the GEOS Configure app.

Wheels (disambiguation)

Wheels is the plural of wheel.

Wheels or WHEELS can also refer to:

Wheels (TV series)

Wheels is a popular weekly car and motorbike program on BBC World News India. It is produced in Delhi by Miditech Television.

At its launch in 1998, it was hosted by Niret Alva. Neret won the 2002 'Best Current Affairs or Infotainment Programme Presenter' at the Asian Television Awards for this role. Niret and his brother own 25% of Miditech Television.

It was co-hosted by Navaz Sandhu who looked at car prototypes, Avinash Kumar Singh who reviewed bikes, and Christopher Daruwalla who hosted an infotainment section.

On 2 October 2004, the show was relaunched. It now opens with "Grapevine", a motoring news segment. This is followed with a car review section with Yudhishtir Urs and Sonam Kalra. This is followed with "Kick Start", a motorbike segment with Neeraj Chinappa and professional hill biker Sherry.

The show finishes with "Forum" a viewer input session, hosted by Shabri Malik.

Wheels holds an annual "Wheels Awards", with a "Wheels Viewers Choice Award" for both cars and bikes, and a "Wheels Car of the Year", "Wheels Bike of the Year" and various fun awards.

Wheels (New Jersey Transit)

Not to be confused with Norwalk Transit District, in Norwalk, CT which operates bus service in Norwalk called "WHEELS" Wheels Suburban Transportation Services is a system of routes owned by New Jersey Transit and operated mostly under contract by private companies primarily in western New Jersey in Hunterdon and western Somerset counties, although some routes operate in urban areas. WHEELS also provided service in Morris and Warren counties, which was eliminated in 2010 because of budget reductions.

Wheels (Restless Heart album)

Wheels is the second studio album by American country music group Restless Heart. It was released by RCA Nashville in October 1986. "That Rock Won't Roll," " I'll Still Be Loving You," "New York (Hold Her Tight)," "Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right)" and the title track were released as singles. The album reached #1 on the Top Country Albums chart and has been certified Gold by the RIAA.

Wheels (Restless Heart song)

"Wheels" is a song written by Dave Loggins, and recorded by American country music band Restless Heart. It was released in October 1987 as the fourth and final single and title track from the album Wheels. The song was Restless Heart's fourth number one country single. The single went to number one for one week and spent 23 weeks on the charts.

The B-side, "New York (Hold Her Tight)", peaked at number 23 on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart.

Wheels (2014 film)

Wheels is a 2014 dramatic film directed by Donavon Warren and Tim Gagliardo and written by Donavon Warren. It stars Donavon Warren, Patrick Hume, Diana Gettinger and Kevin McCorkle. The film released theatrically in the United States on September 19, 2014.

Wheels (Foo Fighters song)

"Wheels" is a single by American rock band Foo Fighters. The single premiered on radio on September 23, 2009, though the single was officially released six days later. The song had its live premiere at the White House as part of an Independence Day celebration honoring military service members.

The song "Wheels", alongside the song "Word Forward", was recorded for the band's Greatest Hits album with producer Butch Vig. Both songs were written during the Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace tour and had their first versions recorded at Grand Master Studios in Hollywood in 2008, later being recorded at the Foo Fighters's own Studio 606 in Los Angeles. Lead vocalist Dave Grohl invited Vig to work on the songs while at a party, and the successful outcome led Grohl to invite him to produce the band's next album Wasting Light.

Wheels (Glee)

"Wheels" is the ninth episode of the American television series Glee. Written by series co-creator Ryan Murphy and directed by Paris Barclay, the episode premiered on the Fox network on November 11, 2009. "Wheels" sees the glee club hold a bake sale to raise money for a handicap accessible bus, so that club member Artie ( Kevin McHale) can travel with them to sectionals and Will ( Matthew Morrison) challenges the students to experience life from a different point of view. Quinn ( Dianna Agron) struggles with the medical expenses incurred by her pregnancy, and Puck ( Mark Salling) renews his offer to support her. Sue ( Jane Lynch) accepts a student with Down syndrome onto the cheerleading squad, and Kurt ( Chris Colfer) and Rachel ( Lea Michele) compete for a solo performance.

McHale called "Wheels" the "most serious" episode of Glee so far, while Murphy deemed it "the turning point for the show". The episode introduces two new characters, Lauren Potter as Becky Jackson and Robin Trocki as Jean Sylvester. It features covers of Nouvelle Vague's rendition of " Dancing with Myself", " Defying Gravity" from Wicked and Ike & Tina Turner's rendition of " Proud Mary". "Dancing With Myself" is McHale's first solo performance on the show. "Defying Gravity" was included as a reflection of Colfer's own high school experience, which saw his drama teacher refuse to allow him to sing the song because of his sex. "Proud Mary" is staged entirely in wheelchairs, and was described by series choreographer Zach Woodlee as the "scariest" number produced to date.

"Wheels" was watched by 7.35 million US viewers, and saw Barclay nominated for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing of a Comedy Series. It prompted criticism from a committee of performers with disabilities, who felt that it was inappropriate to cast an able-bodied actor in a disabled role. The episode received generally positive reviews from critics, with Entertainment Weekly Tim Stack and Aly Semigran of MTV both writing that it brought them to tears. Reviewers Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger and Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune both commented positively on the episode, despite formerly having given unfavorable reviews of the series as a whole. In contrast, The New York Times Mike Hale deemed the episode problematic, and Eric Goldman of IGN described it as "very afterschool special".

Wheels (The String-A-Longs song)

"Wheels" is Andrew Whittam's biggest hit single, a success in 1961. Their debut release, it was issued in 1960. The tune peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the number 8 single of 1961 according to Billboard. The track reached number 8 in the UK Singles Chart. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.

The tune was composed as "Tell the World" by Stephens and Torres of the String-A-Longs and Andrew Whittam, who were then called the Leen Teens. When this was recorded at Norman Petty's studio, the song was backed by Petty's composition entitled "Wheels". But when the single was issued by Warwick Records the labels for the two sides were switched and so "Tell the World" became "Wheels". When it became a hit, Petty claimed the composing credit, as shown by the label. In 1964, the parties agreed to share the credit and so the Broadcast Music copyright agency recorded all three as the composers.

Another origin of 'Wheels' is that Norman Petty had written the hit instrumental while the String-A-Longs had composed a boogie instrumental they had titled as 'Wheels'. Petty's instrumental was initially called 'Tell the World'. When the record was pressed, the labels were reversed. This listed Torres and Stephens as the writers of Petty's instrumental. Petty was credited as the writer on the flip-side in error also. It seems that Whittam was able to claim a credit for writing Wheels, but the confusion has never really ended. However, since Stephens and Torres were never eliminated completely as 'co-writers' of the song, it seems possible that they did compose some part of the song, while recording it. Keith McCormack one of the band members stated that he got too hoarse to sing another song they'd brought from Plainview to Clovis to record on that day, so they instead recorded Petty's instrumental which became the hit.

In Britain later the same year the tune was revived by the Joe Loss Orchestra as "Wheels Cha Cha"; it reached #21. It became popular in France later in 1961 under the title "Dans le cœur de ma blonde".

Billy Vaughn's version was at number one in the 1961 German Andrew Whittam singles charts with the song for 14 weeks; in the USA he reached #28.

Johnny Duncan released a vocal version with lyrics by Johnny Flamingo in 1963.

The Ventures, Hot Butter, and Jorgen Ingmann also recorded a version.

Wheels (nickname)

Wheels is the nickname of:

  • Eric Magennis (born 1937 or 1938), Australian Paralympic lawn bowls player and archer
  • Michael Russell (tennis) (born 1978), American tennis player
  • Matthew Whelan (born 1979), former Australian rules football player
  • Brian Wheeler, play-by-play radio announcer for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association
  • Chris Wheeler (born 1945), former announcer and color commentator for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball
  • Derek Wheeler, fictional character on the TV series Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High
Wheels (The Road Hammers album)

Wheels is the third studio album by Canadian country music group The Road Hammers. It was released on June 3, 2014 via Open Road Recordings. The album includes the singles "Get On Down the Road", "Mud" and " I've Been Everywhere".

Wheels (Dan Tyminski album)

Wheels is a 2008 studio album by bluegrass musician Dan Tyminski. The album peaked at number 1 on the Top Bluegrass Albums chart. It won the 2009 International Bluegrass Music Award for Album of the Year and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Wheels (1998 film)

Wheels is a 1998 Serbian comedy film directed by Đorđe Milosavljević.

Usage examples of "wheels".

These men had evidently received individual communications from Wheels Bryant, and all knew what they were to expect.

A tiny shaded light appeared above a telephone table as Wheels Bryant pressed the button.

As the door closed behind Wheels, Big Tom Bagshawe turned on the light.

It was the voice of Wheels Bryant, sovereign of this organization of crime!

It reminded the gathered men of that other night, when Wheels Bryant had smoked in the dark.

The Shadow moved past the desk, and seated himself in the chair - the very spot that Wheels Bryant had chosen.

Hooks Borglund had left the Hotel Pavilion in response to a call from Wheels Bryant.

He admitted ownership of the wheels and other machines of chance, but said they had not been in operation when the raid was made.

If only he were free to deal with Wheels Bryant and the others as they deserved!

Their trail would lead to the fourth - the hidden man who was the big shot - Wheels Bryant!

He was waiting until he knew that something was brewing among those master crooks whom Wheels Bryant headed.

Carpenter knew well that Wheels Bryant would be after bigger game than the shekels that clanked across the roulette board and the faro tables.

THINKING deeply, Carpenter knew that Wheels Bryant must have had some close contact with the Public Safety Committee of Seaview City.

The coming and going of Wheels Bryant - apparently impossible in that isolated spot - was duplicated by the arrival and departure of The Shadow!

His wheels, his tables, his machines would all be gone, packed and away - to-morrow night!