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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

exclamation of exhilaration, 1920.


interj. (context childish English) An expression of pleasure or enjoyment.


WHEE is a Full Service formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Martinsville, Virginia, serving Martinsville and Henry County, Virginia. WHEE is owned and operated by Martinsville Media, Inc.

Usage examples of "whee".

Up the river and over the sea, this is you and this is me, big fat words, little fat words, big thin words, whee whee whee.

Good luck now Mr Leddy I said and kick started in the air whee hoo away off like the clappers down the street.

I said next thing down the hill whee and off out into the open country again cows looking over ditches, where are you off to Francie mind your own business you nosey heifer bastards, watch out dandelions here I come!

Tick tick tick whee along the beach shingle clattering against the spokes.

A small whee of laughter sneaked out between his lips, like steam from a teakettle.

Both the babies walling, but Nathaniel whispered to them, wheest, and wheest, and then he was leading her to a chair near the door.

Whee was the chief village of Wheeland, a small and swampy region populated mostly by star-nosed moles and folk who wished that they were somewhere else.