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wheat field

n. a field planted with wheat [syn: wheatfield]

Usage examples of "wheat field".

The wood ended at a wheat field that sloped downhill to the unhedged road from which the dust was rising to hang in the hot air.

More waited in chattering flocks in the cypress trees that ran into the distance along the side of the wheat field, or in the boughs of the occasional valley oak left amid the cultivation: rock doves, band-tailed pigeons….

The image coming up was of a wheat field, many hundreds of acres abroad.

When they were out of sight of the city and then some, they cut off the road to the right, through the wheat field.

The maiden Erigone, patroness of the wheat field, had gone to heaven with an ear of wheat in her hand, and that ear of wheat was the star Spica.

He thought about that for a moment, then began to search the wheat field.

Harry spent the night in a wheat field, using wheat straw for bedding and more of it piled on top to stay warm, He didn't dare risk a fire.

The wind that had been worrying the wheat field died away to nothing.

He could see very little except for smoke, leaves, and burning shell craters, though in the nearer open land he could make out the humped shapes of the dead lying in the remnants of the wheat field.