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The trail takes Wheale from Devon to Mexico - and the wild tropical rain forests of Yucatan.

It had been built by a Wheale and Wheales had lived in it for over four hundred years.

I'd been a bit worried because Hay Tree Farm without a Wheale would be unthinkable and if Bob died unmarried there was only me left, and I certainly didn't want to take up farming.

The little patch of England around the house had been sweated over by Wheales for more than four centuries in good times and bad, and now it all sharpened down to a single point—me.

Even Wheale stumbled over something important first crack out of the box, only he was too dumb to see what it was.

I would stick close to the land of my people, the land that Wheales had toiled over for generations, and never again would I be such a damned fool as to look for adventure.