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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Whatso \What"so\, indef. pron. Whatsoever; whosoever; whatever; anything that. [Obs.]

Whatso he were, of high or low estate.

Whatso the heaven in his wide vault contains.


a. (context obsolete English) Clipping of whatsoever.

Usage examples of "whatso".

So passed away the fighting men by the side of Mirkwood-water, and the throng of the stay-at-homes melted slowly from the meadow and trickled along through the acres to the habitations of the Wolfings, and there they fell to doing whatso of work or play came to their hands.

And whatso thing is steadfast, whatso of good renown, whatso is fair and lovely, whatso is ancient sooth In the bloody marl shall they mingle as they laugh for lack of ruth.

Now whatso doom hereafter my coming days shall bide, Thou speech-friend, thou deliverer, thine is this dawning-tide.

Why, in the first place, we like well whatso we have done good work for.

I am a sinner, and I seek Forgiveness and help, by whatso means I can regain the joy of peace with God.

And, whatso language the Allies now hold, In that outburst, at least, was war declared.